Annual and Sustainability Report 2022
Organizational structure

Organizational structure

The organizational structure supports the Company's ambitious strategy of sustainable growth, digital transformation, and central focus on customer experience.


Our organizational structure


As a part of the organisational structure cross-functional committees oversee and support the execution of the Company’s strategy. These committees are the following:

The Service Committee: Its key role is to establish a common ground for high level decision making on key decisions that impact service, standards and the Icelandair brand.

The Schedule Committee: Its key role is to review and approve all matters related to the network and live flight schedule to ensure that an approved schedule is available for the next 18-24 months.

The Investment Committee: Its key role is to review and approve larger investment cases, monitoring overall CAPEX plans and maintain an overall CAPEX forecast and review and develop the investment framework of Icelandair.

The Fleet Committee: Its key role is to define the strategic plan for Icelandair's fleet and oversee the implementation of the Fleet Policy.