Annual and Sustainability Report 2022
Society and partnerships

Society and partnerships

Aside from being an important employer in Iceland, Icelandair is proud of its role in the Icelandic community and continues to seek new opportunities to expand its ties to society as a whole.

Through the organisations and events that the Company supports, Icelandair is proud to foster and promote the spirit of Iceland.

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The spirit of creativity

Iceland is globally recognised as punching above its weight on the world music stage, and Icelandair is proud of the role it plays in nurturing and showcasing local talent. Icelandair founded the acclaimed Iceland Airwaves music festival in 1999, and today sponsors a number of music, design and arts events. We celebrate music and culture that flourish outside the capital, too, sponsoring the Eyrarrósin award (for cultural projects in the regions), and festivals such as Bræðslan in the Eastfjords, and Aldrei fór ég suður in the Westfjords.

  • Iceland Airwaves
  • Icelandic Music Experiments (Músíktilraunir)
  • Iceland Writers Retreat
  • DesignMarch
  • Eyrarrósin award
  • Aldrei fór ég suður
  • Bræðslan

European Film Awards

In December 2022, Reykjavík was the frosty backdrop for the European Film Awards 2022, a celebration of the year’s finest achievements in European cinema. The Icelandic film industry continues to go from strength to strength, showcasing the spirit of Iceland on the big screen – and behind the scenes, too. We were proud to be the main sponsor of the awards ceremony, which included creating a Sky Lounge for event guests in Harpa concert hall.

The spirit of community

As one of Iceland’s important companies, Icelandair is committed to playing a participatory and supporting role in its community. The Company supports the life-saving work done by its country’s volunteer search-and-rescue team, and together with contributions from its passengers lends a hand to children with long-term illnesses and children who live in difficult circumstances.

  • Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR)
  • Special Children Travel Fund (Vildarbörn)

The spirit of exploration

A small country needs innovators in the business world, and through the Icelandic Tourism Fund, Icelandair gives financial backing to new ventures that seek to increase the diversity of Icelandic tourism and strengthen its infrastructure. The fund’s main focus is supporting the development of year-round attractions for tourists and Icelanders alike.

  • Arctic Adventures
  • ST Holding ehf. (Special Tours and Whales of Iceland)
  • LAVA (Interactive volcano exhibition)
  • Þríhnúkar (Inside the volcano)
  • Íslenskar heilsulindir
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The spirit of teamwork

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and this is especially true in a country with a small population. Together the nation can reach new sporting heights, as evidenced in the recent successes of the national football and handball teams on the global stage.

  • National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland (ÍSÍ)
  • Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ)
  • Icelandic Handball Association (HSÍ)
  • Icelandic Basketball Association (KKÍ)
  • Golf Association of Iceland (GSÍ)
  • Iceland Sports Association for the Disabled
  • Icelandic Gymnastics

Support for women's football

We created an advertising campaign to celebrate the national football team we affectionately call ‘stelpurnar okkar’ (our girls) making it to the UEFA European Women's Championship.

We wanted to show that nothing holds the team back from bringing their best game, and nothing stops the supporters – the entire Icelandic nation – from bringing their support.

The spirit of thinking big

We believe that a small nation can have a big impact, and we are proud that Iceland leads by example on important global issues such as gender equality and green energy. We sponsor annual events that enable the country to shine a spotlight on issues that are close to Icelanders’ hearts.

  • Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders
  • Arctic Circle conference
  • Iceland Innovation Week

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle conference took place in Reykjavík in October 2022. People of the Arctic region and from around the world came together to share insights, concerns and solutions to the problems facing the Arctic.

We hosted a morning meeting where experts from the energy sector, aviation, tourism, and travel came together to discuss their hopes and plans for the future.